Atlantic Torque Converters

Our Mission:


We strive to create products free of defects, significant variations and deficiencies through constant commitment.  We pledge to satisfy customer needs by upholding our standards of high quality torque converters.

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Service is what keeps us here. We ensure that each and every customer transaction results in a satisfactory experience. Providing a quality good for our customers makes us proud as a company.

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Pride moves us forward.  We take pride in our work, and we take pride in knowing that we are supplying our customers with the finest machined torque converters on the market.  We are committed to quality at every step of the process down to precise measurements and minute details.  


About Us.


Since founding of the company in 2002 by owner Dave Hammond, we have strived to develop and rebuild the highest quality converters on the market.  We have extended our expertise into each car manufacturer's torque converter, domestic and foreign.  Our team specializes in Honda Torque converters and Heavy Duty Triple Disc Cummins torque converters. We also specialize in all torque converters.  We use only the highest quality parts for each torque converter rebuild to exceed OEM standards. 

We came from a strong foundation of knowledge and experience within the industry.  Which all began when...



Years Serving communities

Supplying torque converters to businesses and individuals throughout the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas.


Years of experience

Building torque converters, machining, bonding, welding and packaging the finished product.


Customer Testimonial

May 2018

"Atlantic Converters, we thank you for not trying to do more than you can do.  Please don't get too big, your company that is.  You all are doing a great job.  We have never had any problems with any of your converters.  Keep taking pride in your work!  Thank you all so much."

Messer Transmissions: A Family Tradition since 1959.  Raleigh, NC.



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Our staff is available Monday through Friday to answer any questions you may have, and ensure customer satisfaction. 

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